Classes Anyone?

It’s a new year and time to peruse the available classes out there. You snooze, you lose out on opportunities!

The Community College has a class in Intro to Sketching and Designing a Fashion Wardrobe.

NSCAD has 3 offerings – basic sewing skills, dying and a CORSET!!!! Who doesn’t want a corset!

Now SCANS has lots of offerings, none of them sewing related, but I like them and want to give them a plug. Check them out.

Atlantic Fabrics has a full listing for their Dartmouth store. Faye Gunter offers a pant fitting class. Little Dresses for Africa have their schedule posted there. The Fabricville in Dartmouth has classes as well, but they don’t have an online presence. Silly people!

Craftsy has classes that range from free to $50. Try out some of the free classes to see what they’re like.

Try the HRM library for new books or DVD’s. NSCAD has a great library as well and I believe you have access with your HRM account.

Sew With Vision has just announced classes for the next few months. Check the web site

And don’t forget NSCCD at They have some dying classes you may like and some embroidery, spinning, weaving – you get the idea.

Do you know of any other classes? If so, share!



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