Award Winning Sofa Cover

I have almost finished my sofa slipcover. It’s part of my Christmas present to DH. He’s getting a makeover for his nap zone. His nap quilt is done. I’m going to plump up a few pillow covers tonight. But I’m really pleased with the slip cover. In my acceptance speech for best slipcover of the year (in this house) I will need to include many thank yous. First, to Threads issues 103, 105 103 107. I couldn’t have done it without you. I really appreciated the order of construction and measuring diagrams. Next, thanks to my couch. It help perfectly still during all fittings and never whimpered once when I stuck in another pin. It was an ideal draping partner. I owe a great deal to my size 16 sharp needle. It pierced many thick layers without a pause. The right needle avoids so many problems. Kudos and amazement to my welting foot. First of all, it goes both ways. Who knew? I’m wondering if Pfaff does? If you don’t like the welt on this side, just turn the foot around and it snaps neatly in place anyway. Of course then you loose that wonderful red line that helps you sew directly on the seam previously sewn, and that happens a lot with welting. But that foot was well worth every penny just on this project alone. Mention must go to the old sheet that made such a lovely muslin. Hats off also to Fabricville for having 10 metres of fabric at $4 a metre. That sort of pricing makes it less fearful making that first cut. Last I must give credit to retirement. Without time there is no way this would have been done. I figure I have in at least 20 hours at this point. Now it is certainly worth doing in this case, but you want to save the effort for just the right occasion. Pics to follow, when my cloud co-operates  


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