Inspiration for Backs of Garments

One of the Pinterest boards I had created in my account was called Backings, to collect backings of garments I found which I liked. Well, I’ve found a LOT and have realized the massive lost potential for fashion in the backs of garments, so I wrote about it below and linked it to the examples I have on my Pinterest Backings board.

Inspiration for Backs of Garments.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration for Backs of Garments”

  1. Minh, I’ve always thought that the backs of garments which I make need to look as good from the back as the front. I’ve made plaid jackets and carefully matched the shoulder to sleeve because often that’s what people look at the most if they are in a concert, a church or some other type of gathering where they are seated for a long time. I agree that it’s a great place for embellishment – think back of yokes for men’s shirts. they don’t have to be gaudy, just tone on tone threads. For women, not only the yokes, but think of creating a yoke, then splitting below the yoke in three vertical segments and placing a small strip of ruching between the vertical segments. A great way to create vertical lines for those of us who want to appear taller rather than wider. This can be carried to the front placket to tie in. Think small strips to create this element. Faye


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