Fork Pins and The Dark Side

So they are trying hard to lure me over to the dark side. Those quilters, that is. I went to a 2 day class on a quilt called Day and Night. I love 2 day classes! You really get settled in and there’s less pressure to ‘finish’ in a day. 

I’m making a quilt for the DH for TV napping. I wanted to learn proper piecing and quilting technique and thought a class would be helpful. As always you learn so much from classes and the other people in them! It’s a different way of sewing and controlling fabric. First lesson – you know how sometimes you chain sew a bunch of things? Well, then you need to cut them apart. Pop a seam ripper in a spool of thread and slide the thread bridges over the blade. Now that is a useful tip! I have a seam ripper with a little protective case. I may tape the case to the side of my table so it is always ready for action.



I also got to use my new fork pins to hold seams together where they cross. Those little devils were a bit unweildly but soooo worth it! One side slid through one seam allowance and the other went through the next. I got great piecing results and looked much less like the amateur I really am. I can’t wait to use these in dress making action. I did end up sewing over pins. That was terrifying! I slowed down to a stitch by stitch crawl and cringed every time. However, I quess quilters do this and I can see why you need to. I will be changing needles as soon as I am finished and wiping this trauma from my memory. 



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