Pattern Sale! and What do you want for Christmas?

Barb is right. Late night shopping is hazardous! I have a love/hate relationship with patterns but still found myself ordering 11 Vogue patterns during their $1.99 out of print pattern sale. With shipping it cost me $40, less than I thought it would be. Sale on untill the 21st. I think. 

After ironing 20 metres of cotton with a dry and barely warm iron I think I want a new iron for Christmas. I always buy myself something for the sewing room. After all, who would know better than me what I want? I usually buy my machine something as well. I’m not sure what it wants this year, but it may be more of that wonderful Aurofil thread – so smooth and fine!

What do you want? It’s perfectly fair game to post pictures or even a list on your fridge. Tell people it’s your own personal shopping list, but if they want to cross something off, they could certainly go ahead. 


One thought on “Pattern Sale! and What do you want for Christmas?”

  1. Thanks, Nancy! It’s actually quite cheap to buy Vogue patterns online cause Fabricville’s 75% off still leaves them at $7-8 each, whereas sales online leaves them at about $2-3… or $1.59 in this case with my membership. I’ll get my thoughts together on the matter and blog about this some time. Or maybe people can just get stuff through me. 🙂


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