Going To the Dark Side, Maybe

I’ve been exposed to a lot of quilters lately and they said they would bring me over to the dark side. Well I just signed up for a quilt class. Supposedly in 2 days I come away with a quilt top that looks just as nice as the picture. I need a new nap quilt for DH (the old one is covered with embedded cat hair) and I know he doesn’t read this blog so off I go. It is an Eleanor Burns quilt – Day and Night. This means something to quilters I think. Anyway, you sew fabric into strips, whack at it with the ruler and it turns into something quite different. Sounds like something from the school of Hogwarts if you ask me. Please think of me as I go off to buy fabric. I dearly hope one of those pesky quilters are in the store when I get there, as my colour sense is useless. I plan to prewash as always. Is that quilting blasphemy?

I also got to watch a quilt being stitched on one of those huge long arm quilters yesterday. Now I know why all four sides need to be equal and square. Previously I just sewed things together and quilted artistically over the lumps and bumps. Who knew there was another way? I plan to ‘be careful’ with this quilt. I will be quilting it myself, and it seems a bit of care is worthwhile. Will this rub off on my fitting techniques?

This is just a pragmatic trip to the dark side. I am a garment maker. Nothing more, nothing less!


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