I was at Hal-Con this weekend, Halifax’s where there were MANY FANTASTIC costumes! I will post more about them some time in the future to focus on some of the sewn costumes, since we are a sewing guild, as more pictures become available. For now, I’d llike to show you my costume, since I won’t be there for the November’s meeting show and tell.

The costume was, I would say, one of the most boring at Hal-Con. It was of Grand Moff (high ranking officer) from Star Wars. Don’t ask about the title. I didn’t make it up, but I’ve got lots of really bad adult jokes about it on my blog when I’ll be posting it. I made them up, though, so nobody was being mean towards me.

I made the tunic coat and rank decorations. It was a lot more work than it might seem because it was a uniform. Uniforms just look crappy if they’re baggy and such. I drafted the pattern from other pieces I had for myself, but had to adjust fit, still, in addition to redesign.

I used stretch suiting, which was the only material available in that colour at Fabricville, that had a similar texture. I had interfacing under the entire thing to give it some stiffness. That was basically it that I’d care to talk about the item except for the fact I had two powerful mini speakers strapped to my biceps under the sleeve so that I was walking around with my own Imperial March soundtrack, as well as any others I wanted on my iPod! That was the breakthrough, to make cosplay more than just a visual experience.

Some film crews took segments of me walking around with it but not sure if they’ll ever air anywhere. I’ll maybe give you a demo at the December show and tell.

But costume aside, the thing I think you’ll be more interested in will be the fact that this will become at least 5 garments in my wardrobe in the future. It will become a coat, a work jacket like a suit jacket, if you will, and a show piece whereby it’ll all be in black except the left chest and overlapping piece being one, sporting an image fabric so that I’ll be a walking canvas, if you will. I can also wear it with a belt or professional looking sash, even. Then I can do versions with and without the “skirt” at the bottom.

If I keep making work clothes like this and some other dress shirt designs with the same regal feel, I might just end up being the most fashionable male public servant in Nova Scotia in a year. Or worst dressed for those who can’t stand anything but the standard fare dress shirt and pants. But I can assure you that with a wardrobe of said look and feel, if you didn’t know who I was, any meeting you might be in with me, you’d bet that I was the one running the show!

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