Welcoming New Author Tory L and Inviting Other ASG Members

Up to now, almost two months into this site, only Nancy M (aka Lucilledupuis) and I have posted. We’re happy to keep you informed and entertained. However, we’d love to have more ASG members post because this site is for empowering members to share their work, joys, wisdom, etc. rather than be a soap box for a few people. 🙂

Today, we welcome member Tory L who just joined as an Author. That will allow her make her own posts, after learning the WordPress site features, which are fairly easy. She also has her own Sew Lady Sew! blog which I would encourage you to visit.

Upon welcoming Tory, I would also like to once again invite ASG members to become authors to our site by contacting me at the email to follow. If you don’t want to take the time to learn WordPress, though, you can always email me your text (or desire to become an author) at digitalcitizen at hotmail dot com. Please use the proper email notations. The “spell out” is to avoid getting spammed by automated programs seeking online email addresses.

If you prefer to save your text for the newsletter, you certainly can, but I don’t see why you can’t put it here and there. Maybe put it in the newsletter first and then post it here after since more people than just our ASG members enjoy articles from our site. I can definitely confirm that from user stats WordPress provides me!

I hope to hear from and get contributions from more members in the near and far future!


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