A Pattern for Collars (Simplicity 1727)

A Pattern for Collars (Simplicity 1727)

I found this new pattern online this morning and thought I’d share why I thought it’d be of value to most sewists, myself included, on my blog. However, I don’t have a review on how good the pattern is, because I haven’t tried it, obviously.

Simplicity is on sale later this month at Fabricville for $1.99 each, if you need one, between Oct 29 to Nov 2. However, if you can wait, there are many months during the year when Fabricville does 5 fo $5 or $10 for $10 Simplicity patterns. You spend a little more money than the one pattern here, but you get a lot more then.

Between Oct 22 to 26, though, is Butterick and McCall’s patterns for $2.99 each. This is the time to get them because sales of those patterns at Fabricville are usually at $3.99 each.


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