Introducing Lolita Fashion

At the October ASG meeting, member Stacy LePage showed us a skirt she made in the lolita fashion style. I’m not sure how many Guild members are familiar with lolita fashion, but for those who are wanting to know more, here are some links and pictures.

You can click on this link to see what Wikipedia has to say about it. It’s a pretty comprehensive article with some pictures, with various styles, history, debates, and such. Yes, debates. There are some pretty serious debates raging about lolita styles, which styles within the genre certain items belong to, which features belong to which styles, and all kinds of other things you can’t even imagine! But for our sake, we can just keep it simple to what Wikipedia says for a base knowledge. No dramalitas allowed here! 🙂

Personally, I’m learning about lolita fashion via the site. It’s a lot more visual, with

Finally, I happen to have some photos of Stacy in her lolita dress she showed us. They were taken at an event this summer with the local Anime at Large (A@L) group to which Stacy and I belong, though I’m just a photographer for now. I still have to get an anime cosplay. There is also a local lolita group where you can see more lolita fashion. You can find both groups on Facebook, and they are free to join, but you need to be a Facebook member to join. Otherwise, you can ask Stacey or do more of your own research if you want to know more.

Enjoy the lolita fashion information and perhaps one day, we’ll have a surprise of one of you making a lolita dress for show and tell, or a challenge, the way Lorna surprised us with steampunk fashion the other night!

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