Some Steampunk Fashion for Show

At the ASG monthly meeting for October, member Lorna McKillip wowed us with her steampunk outfit made from Frenchy’s clothing in the Frenchy’s Challenge. More will be written and shown of Lorna’s outfit later, as well as others’ who participated in the challenge.

In the meanwhile, members were still relatively new to the concept of steampunk fashion so I thought I’d share some photos I took last summer at an event with the Jules Verne Phantastical Society in Halifax. If you look carefully, you’ll see one of our members, Diane Plumridge, as well as her daughter Marsha, who I hadn’t known was her daughter for the many months I have known Diane now! Small world!

My Experimental Attempts at Steampunking Photography

If you want to know more about steampunk, you can certainly ask Lorna and Diane. I know a bit about it, too. But in January, our guest speaker is slated to be Shevon O’Toole, who will be speaking on steampunk fashion! I’ve already blogged a bit about her here. Enjoy!

Next up, lolita fashion as shown by Stacey at the show and tell!


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