Meet Shevon O’Toole, Our Steampunk Speaker Scheduled for January 2013

At most of the Atlantic Sewing Guild’s monthly meetings, we have a guest speaker. Many are being confirmed at this point, but one who has confirmed is Shevon O’Toole, owner of A Private Affair Party Planning & Decor and award winning costume designer. Shevon will be talking to us about steampunk fashion.

Shevon is a member of the Jules Verne Phantastical Society (JVPS) in Halifax. She makes her own outfits, which have won costume contest awards like a Gus-Con at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History this past summer. Some photos of her work are below, with the Edwardian outfit being the award winning one.

Shevon will talk to us about steampunk, in general, and how it applies to fashion. She will then show us a few outfits she has made and talk about designing and sewing them. In the meanwhile, if you want to see more steampunk fashion, you can Google “steampunk fashion” or “steampunk cosplay”. You can also see some I took at a recent JVPS event in August, where I also steampunked photography!


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