Most of us know the major pattern makers like McCall’s, Vogue, Simplicity, Burda, and so on. Some of us know, have experience with and recommend other lesser known ones like Jalie, which seem to be a favourite among many of our members. But there are so many out there!

At the September ASG meeting tonight, I learned about Sewaholic and Loes Hines. There was another one I didn’t remember. Must remember to bring pen and paper next time! However, there are many out there I’m sure we don’t yet have on our list shown below:

Please leave a comment if you know of another pattern maker you would recommend, or have heard good things about, and I will add it to our list on the Patterns and Reviews page. You can also access this page under the LINKS menu near the upper left of the web page. Just put your mouse over it and see the drop down menu choice of Patterns and Reviews.

You can also just click on LINKS,after which a new page will show up. There, you can then click Patterns and Reviews.

I hope to hear from you soon with pattern maker suggestions! Thank you!

One thought on “Help Add to Our List of Pattern Makers

  1. Very True! While I am a woodworker, not a seamster, the principle is the same. I literally have tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment but some people think if I’m not competing with IKEA prices I’m overcharging. Well, if you want particle board junk, go ahead and go to IKEA.

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