The Fabricville September Sale flyer is out! There are lots of highlights that many people will be interested in. However, here is a summary of some of the highlights I think most people would be interested in. Fabricville does not have an online version to link to, unfortunately, so I have to summarize things here. Just know that I won’t be summarizing in quite this level of details in the future as people will get used to seeing these announcements, if people want them, and go get the flyers themselves.

Here is a list of their Maritimes stores for you to decide which to visit. Just note that while some, possibly most, content are common to most stores, each store definitely have their own unique stock. I certainly have favourite stores from which I buy a lot more fabric simply because they carry more of the styles I like!

Also please note that mistakes may have been made in transferring over information from flyer to this blog post. If the store disputes the information, please check their flyer and do not claim you saw otherwise here! 🙂


I don’t know what you think of each line, but for my value, the Simplicity 1 for a $1, basically, up to 5, is a treasure trove. I find Simplicity has the biggest catalogue, and even if it’s not what you want, like their costumes, it’s probably a good start from which to modify. Patterns only apply to the actual brand, not their subsidiaries, so far as I know. Vogue, under McCall’s site, isn’t going for that sale price, I don’t believe. But ask to be sure.

2 Day Extended Hours (Sep 4 & 5 till 7:30)

  • 20% off all new fashion, drapery & upholstery fabrics
  • Ready made curtains and beddings
  • Unique notions
  • More in each store

Stores are generally only open till 6 on Tue and Wed.

Fashion Trends

  • 50% off fall fashion suiting, Milano suiting (sale at $7.49/m), Hugo suiting (sale at $6.49/m)
  • 40% off Persian lamb fur, velboa fur plain and printed, berber and glenora printed furs (sale starting at $11.99/m)
  • Starting at $8.99/m Houndstooth and tweeds
  • 50% off Parquet stretch and novelty suede (sale at $6.49/m)
  • 40% off printed outerwear and quilted jacketing (sale to $11.39/m)
  • $5.99/m American crepe plain and prints, and Gisella georgette prints
  • $7.99/m stretch crepe and formal black collection
  • 50% off laces (sale $6.49/m) and sequined mesh (sale $7.49/m)
  • Starting at 8.99/m Kashmir knit and Pointi di Roma
  • Starting at $4.99/m Marina satin coordinates and Jacqueline Satin solids

There are many other similar fashion trends sales, but they weren’t as prominent on a 2 page spread.

Fleece and Flannelette

  • Starting at $4.99/m
  • Licenced fleece and cotton prints, 40% off
  • Animal skin printed fleece at $4.99/m
  • Entire Inventory of Flannelette from $2.99 up (includes glitter and glow in the dark)
  • $6.99 micro fleece throws door crashers

The licenced stuff start regularly at $16.99/m so they’re not going to be cheap, 40% off or not, but it’s a lot of money potentially saved if you’re planning to spend money on it. I see some new big prints of Spider-man (2) and Pirates of the Carribbean (maybe new). They also have Dora, Princess, Tinkerbell, Superman, etc.

Home Decor

  • Up to 40% off fabrics (lists 22 fabrics and prices in flyer)
  • 40% off plastic gromets, decorative hardware and channel track sets
  • 25% off all ready made foamback curtains
  • Up to 50% off custom-made blinds (off from manufacturer’s suggested retail price)

This is on sale throughout the month. Lists 22 fabrics and prices in flyer.


  • $3.99/m

Says “lowest price ever” but quilters would know best on how true this is.


  • 25% all yarn

Threads, Notions and Other Things

  • 50% buttons and YKK Zippers
  • 40% off Coates threads and H.A. Kidd notions
  • 30% off Hat nettings (new this season)
  • 33% off all scissors (except kits and promos), Premium Stitch threads, Schmetz needles, Supreme laces, Hodges & Letteau trims and appliques

Seams Fabricville rotates between Coates and Gutermann thread sales so wait if you can for your brand, and snatch them up if you can when your brand is on sale.

5 thoughts on “Fabricville’s September 2012 Sale (Sept 4 to 25)

  1. I love to know about sales. I’d like to see sale stuff on the blog. People can comment on great buys they run into. For instance, at the Dartmouth Fabricville right now there are 2 rolls of great bra fabric on the bottom shelf on the sale knits. Very nice.

  2. Hi Janet, hold down the Ctrl key at lower left on your keyboard, then slowly scroll your mouse forward and the size should increase. Your browser should remember the size the next time you visit. This way, people can customize size to their liking rather than one size for all.

  3. I like notices of sales, just because I like sales. Maybe I would hear about some of the sales, but not all of them and this gives me another way to find out about them. If there are many sales at the same time, maybe consider a summary or a link to the info??
    I think you will find the updated library list a bit more helpful, since it is sorted into categories to make your search easier.
    Is it possible to include the ASG logo on the home page? It provides continuity from old website to new website.
    I think the website looks good, pretty easy to use and ready for a trial run.

  4. Hi Janet, we’ll leave links any time possible so as not to duplicate information here, and guide people to where there is more information than we could have here. I’ll see about getting a logo on, though I’m not sure I can get it in a place we’d like with the “template” we use. There are tons of others that could work. I picked this one because it had stitching and was functional in other ways. Thanks for your feedback!

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