Welcome to the demo for the Atlantic Sewing Guild website! It is only a demo until I get some feedback from you to finalize various design, content, organizational and other features. After that, it will grow mostly in new content, with some current and near future posts deleted, like posts where I will ask about design and such.

Goals of this Website

  1. Gather, organize and share our knowledge and resources.
  2. Enable anyone who would like to participate or engage in our ever developing site, at whatever level desired, to be able to do so.
  3. Make our site all that a website could be used for which would be useful for us.

Please feel free to suggest other goals.

Sample content posted

I have taken the liberty to post a variety of content here for people to give feedback on, and hopefully spark ideas for more. You may want to hover your mouse over the Categories link at the top of the page to see the various categories of posts I foresee having on this site, and suggest some, or suggest removal or reorganization of some, etc. Otherwise, posts have their purposes, questions and comments to generate discussion on validity of content, or other content people might want.

To give feedback

Please feel free to give feedback on anything you see. All feedback will be considered. However, only what is practically possible will be implemented so please don’t be offended if what you suggest is not implemented. It will have been seriously considered.

Feedback and other content may be given in one or more of three ways, whichever you prefer:

  • Give it a 1-5 stars rating.
  • Leave a comment so others could also see your thoughts.
  • Email it to me, Minh Tan, at digitalcitizen@outlook.com

To keep up to date

You can check back to this site every once in a while to see what’s new. Latest posts always appear first (unless a “stickie” post is put in place once in a while). However, you can also subscribe to get a notification when a new post appears by entering your email below the Subscribe by email tab in the right column of this web page.

To contribute

For those of you savvy with blogs, meaning you have one or know how to make one, you can create posts of your own here! Please let me know and I will send you invites with permission.

I’m not yet ready to teach everyone who wants to post how to do it, but I hope I will be able to teach you someday. It really is not that hard and it is my intention to enable those who want to contribute so they can within a year (Aug 2013).

In the meanwhile, you can send me content to the email above and I will post on your behalf.

Choice of sample content

The posts you see so far represent a variety of topics and things one can do with this blog. I have a poll, a debate, review, video embedded, gallery of photos, and even a reblog of one of my blog’s posts. I didn’t want to use someone else’s in case they got offended for taking without permission, even though on the Internet, this is a compliment rather than theft! 🙂

Much more is possible but it seems showing real content will be the way to gather the most feedback rather than asking people to imagine what they’d like to see. So please have a look at what is here so far and flood me with feedback! I hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you.

Minh Tan, webmaster

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