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Resource links will be duplicated in menus, categories, pages and wherever else is appropriate. is a great site I found for free sewing patterns of all sorts! Better yet, they have their patterns organized in so many ways, from purpose to season to difficulty levels, and more. A quick browse of their categories show

Within each pattern are a lot more information, including difficulty level and even user ratings! You can submit your own patterns to their site, or get them to link to yours so people can find out more about you, your site and your love of sewing. As with any “open source” collection, it will be hard to tell what level of quality there might be. However, there is some vetting that goes on and user ratings certainly help identify the good stuff from the less than good stuff. As a sewist, though, you might also be able to do it yourself.

How you might use this site would be up to you. Perhaps you do need a pattern, or maybe just a little inspiration or a starting point from which to customize something on your own. Go have a look and see. I hope you find something useful there and enjoy the site!

Mary Baxter


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